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The Etruscan city: the other face of Bologna, Art Hotel Commercianti

Commercianti Hotel rediseño - Bologna - The Etruscan city: the other face of Bologna

The Etruscan city: the other face of Bologna

März 29 2023
When we think about the city of Bologna, the iconic medieval archades, wonderful Renaissance statues and ancient Roman ruins come to mind. After all, the word “Bologna” itself comes from the Latin name “Bononia”, given to the city by the Romans. There was a time, though, around the sixth century B.C., when our city was known as” Felzna”, a name given by the Etruscan populations who inhabited the area.

Even though their origins remain quite mysterious, we know that the Etruscans were skilled farmers, architects, and military strategists: they conquered fertile lands to build impressive city-states upon them. The population were entertained by gladiatorial games – later adopted by the Romans – and by divinatory ceremonies, while women enjoyed an extraordinary level of respect and independence, especially when compared to the Greek and Roman female citizens.

Under the guide of this high civilization, Bologna experienced a period of splendour, becoming the main city, a capital of sorts, of the Etruria Padana, an area corresponding today to the italian region of Emilia-Romagna, as well as part of Lombardia and Veneto.

The new Etruscan city had its own acropolis and was protected by wooden fortifications and three rows of trenches. If the most famous walls of Bologna were the ones known as “The circle of selenite”, built by the romans and constantly expanded throughout the centuries, it is important to remember that the beating heart of Bologna is, to this day, the one once delimited by the ancient Etruscan fortifications.

It is right in this centre of the city life, in the heart of the ancient Etruria, that now stands the Art Hotel Commercianti: just a few steps away from Bologna’s main attractions, core to the city life, such as Piazza Maggiore, The Basilica of San Petronio and d’Azeglio street.

Like the rest of the old historic centre, our hotel is a historical site where many ancient Etruscan artifacts have been found throughout numerous renovations works. From pottery shards memory of people’s everyday lives, to the splendid fragment of a mythological animal, which you can still admire at the lobby’s internet point.